Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions answered.

Motorcycle Rental

You will need a valid passport or cédula and a driver’s license.
For scooters and motorcycles  with engines up to 125cc – a car license is good enough if you know how to handle the machine.
For bigger bikes (150cc or bigger) – we require a motorcycle license.

We don’t require deposit, but we’ll take a photo of your document.

Yes, for you and a passenger.

Yes. You will receive the motorcycle with a full tank of gas and are required to return it full. There is a gas station 500m from our office and the fuel is relatively cheap.

In our office at Call 32#22-09 (next to the bridge), but we can also deliver them to some other location (another city) for an additional fee. Just contact us, we’ll figure it out.

We prefer you didn’t.

Even though the roads around Guatapé are relatively safe, you will be riding on curvy mountainous roads in live traffic.
For your own safety we strongly advise manual motorcycles for people with riding experience.
In case we notice that you do not have sufficient expertise in riding a motorcycle or scooter (even if you have the legal qualifications) we can deny you the rent option.

Problems on the road

If it’s really bad – emergency number in Colombia is 123.

If it’s a smaller incident – the best would be to contact us immediately and we will guide you through the next steps and help you with everything.

We are doing our best to keep the machines in good technical condition and you will have ample time to check if everything is to your liking before taking the bike.
But once you are on the road, the machine is under your custody and is your responsibility.
If something happens due to our negligence or due to exploitation, you will not be charged in any way. An example would be a burned light bulb.
But when it comes to most situations that occur on the road, it will be your responsibility to return the motorcycle in the same condition you took it or cover the costs of doing so.
We will provide free assistance over the phone, but I case you need a mechanic sent to you, you will most likely be charged.
An example would be a flat tire.
In such a case, you should always call us first and we will direct you to the nearest mechanic or, depending on the situation, we can also send someone to you with a replacement motorcycle. Either way, you will still need to cover the expenses of changing the flat tire.

The roads around Guatapé are fairly safe and generally with little traffic.
If you do have an accident, any urgent medical help you will need will be covered by the motorcycle’s SOAT insurance.

SOAT insurance is assigned to every motorcycle and is obligatory in Colombia and there is no additional fee for it.
We do not provide material insurance though. In case you damage the bike in the accident, we will charge you for the replacement parts.
Most of the basic parts are pretty cheap in Colombia. Mirrors and turn indicators are the most frequent causalities and they cost around 30.000 COP.
But keep in mind that if more parts of the bike are damaged, the bill can quickly add up.

Please contact us when you know you’re going to be late.

In this way we know that you’re safe and how much additional time you’ll need. 

Riding in Colombia

A lot! It all depends on how much time you have and what you want to experience. At our office we will provide you with information regarding interesting sights and spots to visit as well as roads to avoid.

If you have a day trip planed, we have three different road loops with different adventure flavors. Each one will allow you to explore a different part of the region, with various sightseeing and activities options. Swimming in waterfalls, visiting typical non-touristic Colombia towns or paragliding are some of them.

If you have just a couple of hours, even a short 2 or 3 hour trip to San Rafael or around the Guatapé Ring Road is ample fun with stunning views.

When it comes to safety in general yes.

When it comes to safety on the road it depends on your experience, roads are in general in good condition, but there is a lot of turns and some road damage appears after the rain.

Any! The region we live in is amazing to drive all year round. There are months with a bit more rain, but it rarely rains the whole day, usually it’s just in the evening, even if the weather forecast shows the opposite.

There’s both. Most of the towns/villages around are reachable by paved roads, but if off-road is your thing, there’s definitely plenty of possibilities. Just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll show you the direction.


It depends on the bike. Our TTRs feel good with off-road, although these are definitely not cross bikes, so nothing super extreme. But please don’t take our Finos in the dirt, they’re not made for it.

We accept card payments, but we’ll have to add a fee for that service.

You are more than welcome to store your bags in our office.